Lottery Cards

Lottery Card

Each lottery that appears in the stacked Lotteries List is represented as a separate Lottery Card, which provides administrators with useful controls, and information about the status and details of a lottery.

Card Header

A lottery card is divided into three parts - a header, a body, and a footer. The card header showcases the administrator-provided title of the lottery, and off to the right-hand side, a toggle that expands or collapses the lottery card. An upward-pointing chevron icon means the lottery has been expanded, while a downward-pointing chevron indicates the lottery is in its collapsed, default state.

Card Body

When a lottery card is in its default, collapsed state, a simple set of meta information is displayed. This meta information consists of two separate counts, one for the number of stages contained in the lottery and another for the total number of learners in the lottery's audience.

Expanded Content Tabs

When a lottery card is expanded by clicking the downward-pointing chevron button at the right of the card header, a new content window will appear within the card. This content window is comprised of two content tabs, Schedule and Stages, which allow the admin to view more in-depth information about the lottery**.**

The "Schedule" Tab

The Schedule tab displays the lottery's working schedule which is comprised of unique, stacked rows, one for each learner in the audience. Each learner row displays a combination of all their pre-existing rotations, plus any new rotations that have been assigned to the learner. These newly assigned rotations are typically added when a stage has been drafted, and one of the drafted Schedule Variations is merged into the lottery's schedule.

When the administrator is ready to publish the lottery's working schedule, they may use the action button below the rotation schedule, labelled Publish Schedule. This button action has a confirmation dialogue modal to prevent accidental merges.

The card footer contains several action buttons. On the right side are Edit and Delete buttons, and on the left there is a Manage Stages button, which will open up the Stages Overview **** for that lottery.