An Option is an ordered sequence of rotations with some variance in rotations or timing. These options are built using the options builder located in the Options Overview. When a stage is "Open", the options will be presented to learners in a stacked list, which they will then rank in numerical order of preference. Once learners have submitted their preferences and the stage has closed, the drafting algorithm then uses their ranked, preferential data in its attempts to build schedule variations that grant the highest number of learners their most desired choices.


Admin Side

When the admin is building Options, they appear as individual rows in the Options Builder.

Learner Side

When a Learner is ranking the Options in order of preference in the Ranking Interface, they appear as separate, numbered cards with several controls. When a Learner-side Option card is checked, two chevron-icon buttons will appear, allowing the Learner to nudge the checked Option(s) up or down.