Elentra ME 1.23
Retiring and Deleting Distributions

Retiring a distribution

If you want to change a distribution partway through its use but you want to leave all existing tasks active, you can copy the distribution, alter it as needed, and then retire the original distribution on a defined date. When you retire a distribution, you preserve any existing data and pending tasks but prevent future tasks from generating.
  • To retire one distribution, click the menu cog to the right of the distribution name and select 'Retire Distribution'.
  • To retire multiple distributions at once, click the checkbox beside distribution names and click the 'Retire Distribution' button.
  • Set a Retirement Date for the distribution(s). As of this date, no more tasks will generate for this distribution.
  • Click 'Retire'
  • You will get a success message and can click to return to the Distribution index.
  • Retired distributions will still display on the list of Distributions, but they will have a small orange clock beside the name to show they have been retired.
  • An informational notice will be included on distributions that are set to retire soon. The notice will be seen when you access the Progress Report for a distribution.

Deleting a Distribution

If you delete a distribution you will no longer see it in the list of Distributions and it can't be recovered through the user interface.
  • Click the checkbox beside a distribution name.
  • Click 'Delete Distribution'
  • Confirm your decision.
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Retiring a distribution
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