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Upgrading PHP

Elentra has some basic requirements in order to run properly. Every so often, the Architecture Review Committee will recommend upgrading PHP versions, to ensure that Elentra is always running on a supported version of PHP. Please note that the Docker Container will be upgraded automatically by the Elentra Core Team. When a new upgrade is available, you will need to update your local elentra-developer repo from the Elentra Project.

PHP 7.4

systemctl stop httpd
yum -y remove php73* mod_php73
yum -y install mod_php74 \
php74-cli \
php74-gd \
php74-devel \
php74-pdo \
php74-mysqlnd \
php74-intl \
php74-mbstring \
php74-bcmath \
php74-ldap \
php74-imap \
php74-soap \
php74-xml \
php74-xmlrpc \
php74-tidy \
php74-opcache \
php74-json \
php74-sodium \
php74-pecl-redis \
php74-pecl-zip \
systemctl start httpd