Welcome to the next generation of Elentra Platform modules, built using Vue.js.

Elentra JS ("EJS") is the Elentra Platform’s official front-end application framework, designed to improve the consistency and quality of user interfaces across Elentra and to streamline the development process in a way that leads to a consistent, cohesive appearance and positive user experiences.

EJS achieves this by establishing a shared vocabulary between designers and developers, providing them with a suite of tools and resources that make it easier to contribute to the Elentra Platform, all while adhering to a common visual language and development best practices.

Core Features

  • A comprehensive suite of variables, utility classes, and prebuilt components, organized into a well-documented file hierarchy that is easy to navigate and reference.

  • A robust system for using organization-specific templates, themes, and branding without requiring changes to the front-end framework.

  • A standard descriptive taxonomy and design system that both designers and developers can truly get behind.

  • A consistent and intuitive naming convention for variables and utility classes, built with developer-friendly IDE auto-complete in mind.

Built with Vue.js

EJS has been built with Vue.js and was designed to utilize all of the benefits that Vue offers, including template rendering, routing, single-file components, and of course, reactivity.

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