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The Elentra JS Design System (EJSDS) consists of two libraries, both of which are integral to Elentra JS.

Component Library

The first of these libraries is the Component Library, which contains a wide and diverse assortment of prebuilt, ready-to-use Vue components. The vast majority of common components that may be required when developing user interfaces for the Elentra platform are already represented within this library, and we intend to enhance and expand this collection of components further over time.
Within elentra-2x-js, the Component Library is located in within src/components.
Don't forget to check out the new Elentra JS 2.x Global Component Documentation.

Style Library

The second library is the Style Library, which is a large collection of utility classes and variables, intended to provide developers with a comprehensive suite of resources that streamline the development process. The variables and utility classes defined within the Style Library are used throughout Elentra JS 2.0, including within the Component Library, where they are used to define the styling of the components themselves.
Within elentra-2x-js, the Style Library is located in within src/styles.