Symlinking the API

Problem: changes made to API code are not reflected in requests, or running composer update yields a message stating that there is nothing to do.

  • Verify that you have cloned the API to your ~/Sites directory.

  • Verify that you are running the command composer update elentrapackages/elentra-1x-api after you have run composer install.

  • Verify that you have a composer-api-dev.json file in the root of your elentra-1x-me project.

  • Verify the following in your composer-api-dev.json file:

    • That the value for [BRANCH_NAME] matches the name of the branch that you currently have checked out in the API.

    • That the value for url points to the correct path that you cloned the API into.

  "repositories": [
          "type": "path",
          "url": "../elentra-1x-api",
          "options": {
              "symlink": true
  "require": {
      "elentrapackages/elentra-1x-api": "dev-[BRANCH_NAME]"

Composer Install Errors

You experience a either a 404 or 403 error when attempting to run composer install.

  • Ensure that you have set your composer auth token by running

    composer config --global --auth token [YOUR_ORGANIZATION_TOKEN]
  • Ensure that you that you are using the private Packagist token provided to your organization by the Elentra Consortium.

Composer Memory Error

PHP fatal error: Allowed memory size of .... exhausted

Sometimes you may experience the error displayed here when attempting to run a composer install or composer update elentrapackages/elentra-1x-api . You can easily solve this problem by setting the memory limit to -1 before your composer command. Example:

// This is an example, and it works on other composer commands all the same
COMPOSER_MEMORY_LIMIT=-1 composer update elentrapackages/elentra-1x-api

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