Grades from Quizzes

Please note that we strongly recommend using the Elentra Exams module over the Elentra Quizzes module.

A quiz created through the Elentra Quizzes module questions can be automatically graded, however a user must still import those automatically calculated grades into the course gradebook.

  • Navigate to Admin > Manage Courses.

  • Search for a course as needed.

  • Click the cog icon to the right of the course name and select Gradebook.

  • Ensure you are in the correct curriculum period and adjust using the period selector in the top right if needed. (The current curriculum period will display by default.)

  • Click an assessment name.

  • Click the Import/Export button and select Import grades from attached quiz.

  • Indicate how you'd like to apply grades (e.g. first attempt, best attempt).

For further instructions on linking an existing quiz to a gradebook assessment, please see here.

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