Clinical Courses Duty Hours Tracking

The duty hours tracking tool allows students to record time spent in clinical placement and to note on duty, off duty, and absences. Logged information will display to students in a table and a calendar view. Students can log duty hours through the My Duty Hours link in their profile options available in the top right.

Note that students will only be able to log duty hours for courses that are marked as including clinical experiences on a Course Setup tab. For more information see the Courses help section.

Also note that there is not yet an administrative interface for duty hours. Logged hours are only visible when logged in as a learner enrolled in clerkship courses. Schools who wish to report on duty hours will need to export the information from their Elentra database and view it elsewhere.

Duty hours tracking is separate from granular clinical event absence management which is available through Clinical Experience > Rotation Schedule. If you are scheduling learners into clinical events (e.g. a half day in this clinic, a half day in the OR, etc.) you may wish to explore the optional clinical event absence tool instead.

How to log duty hours

  • Log into Elentra as a learner enrolled in courses that include clinical experiences.

  • In the top right click on the name and select 'Duty Hours' from the dropdown menu.

  • A list of courses (mistakenly labelled rotations) and previously logged information will be displayed.

  • Click the Log Hours button to the right of the clerkship rotation.

  • Select the Hour Type using the following guidelines: 'On Duty' to record orientation days, didactic teaching and labs 'Off Duty' to record days off 'Absence' to record pre-approved absences

  • Select the encounter date and start time.

  • Add the number of hours. NOTE: Recorded duty hours cannot exceed 24 hours in any given day. Hours worked after midnight must be recorded on the next calendar day.

  • Add comments as desired.

  • Click 'Submit' to save the individual entry.

  • You will see a success message and be directed to a calendar view indicating the number of hours worked per day.

How to edit duty hours

  • Click the Clerkship tab and select 'Duty Hours' from the dropdown menu.

  • A list of rotations and previously logged information will be displayed.

  • Click a rotation name.

  • Below the calendar you'll see a list of logged duty hours.

  • Click the entry to be edited.

  • Update information as needed.

  • Click 'Submit'.

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