Setting Up CBME: Overview

This is an overview only. For more detailed information on each step of setting up CBME, please go to the sub-topics.

To ensure CBME works correctly, each organisation that has CBME enabled must have a developer or technical administrator set the default_stage_objectivesetting value in the elentra_me.settingstable to the global_lu_objectives.objective_idof the first stage of competence (ex: Transition to Discipline).

Using Elentra with learners and faculty requires some general basic setup including the creation of curriculum layouts and periods, loading of user information, and creation of courses. Those tasks are not CBME specific and are covered elsewhere in our documentation.

Beginning to use Elentra specifically for CBME can be broken down into several tasks:

  • mapping your EPAs,

  • building form templates,

  • setting up learners and faculty to access the forms, and,

  • reviewing and reporting on learner progress.

Mapping your EPAs

Some curriculum mapping tasks will be completed at the organisation level by CBME implementation staff. This includes using Elentra's auto-setup tool and adding required tag sets like the CanMEDS key and enabling competencies.

Next individual programs import their specific program curriculum including EPAs, contextual variable responses, and procedure attributes.

Building Form Templates

Once the required curriculum tags sets are in place and populated, an institution can begin to use assessment features linked to CBME. A series of form templates can be completed at the program level to facilitate assessment of learners. The existing form templates are:

  1. Supervisor Form Template

  2. Procedure Form Template

  3. Field Note Form Template

Using these form templates allows Elentra to rely on a program's EPAs, competencies, milestones and contextual variables to generate and publish multiple forms based on the parameters established on each form template.

Additional assessment forms can also be used for CBME. These include:

  1. The Periodic Performance Assessment Form

  2. The Rubric Assessment Form

As long as items added to these forms are linked to an EPA the form will be triggerable once it is published. Note that using these forms allows you to add customized questions or prompts. You can build those items either in advance or during form creation using the Assessment and Evaluation module.

If you want to be able to create additional customized forms and distribute them to learners and/or faculty based on rotation schedules, specific learning events, etc. you must be using additional features of Elentra. For additional information about creating forms, please see information for the Assessment and Evaluation module here.

Managing Faculty and Learners

Through the Groups tab of a course/program page, set up optional Academic Advisor Groups to link faculty members to groups of learners. Academic Advisors (listed as tutors in the course groups) will be able to view the CBME dashboards for all of their associated learners. The labels next to each tutor of Teacher, Tutor, Teacher's Assistant and Auditor are only used to differentiate between the different tutors in the same group and provide additional information. They do not change any of the user's permissions.

Through the Course Contacts section of a Course Setup page, add faculty to the Competence Committee Members list to allow them to review learner performance and make decisions regarding learner progress.

Reviewing and Reporting on Learner Progress

The CBME Dashboard is one place to review learner progress and the different forms completed on a learner. An Admin can access the CBME Dashboard of their learners by clicking on My Assessment & Evaluation (located in the top right hand corner between your profile and the Logout button), then by navigating to My Learners. From the CBME Dashboard Stages tab, users can quickly see learner progress in different EPAs and stages and see an overview of completed forms and performance trends on the global assessment ratings on those forms. An aggregated report of learner performance in an EPA is available directly from the Stages tab of the CBME dashboard.

From the CBME dashboard you can also access an Assessments tab which allows you apply a variety of filters, search in forms, and view completed, in progress, pending and deleted forms where the learner is the target of the form.

As learners and faculty review and discuss forms, a variety of additional tools are available including the ability to pin comments, items, and forms, a way to log meeting notes, and the ability for learners to give a "thumbs up" to a completed form.

Additional tabs accessible from the CBME dashboard include Assessment Items (a view of individual items completed on the learner), Trends (visualizations of learner performance), Comments (access to all comments in one place) and Pins (view of anything residents or faculty have pinned for review).

In addition to the CBME dashboard, learner progress can be reviewed and reported from the learner's Assessments page by clicking on Assessments, in the My Learners tab of My Assessment & Evaluation.

This displays the tasks where the learner is the target or the assessor/evaluator. Reports are accessible from this page as well, however many of these reports only apply to forms managed via distributions, not CBME forms triggered by faculty or learners.

For institutions that have built assessment plans in the Elentra Assessment Plan Builder, faculty and administrative users will also be able to access a CBME program dashboard that displays the progress of all learners in a program from one user interface. (Please note that there is no learner view of the program dashboard at this point.)

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