Forms/Tools: Introduction

Building assessment forms for learners and faculty to access is an important step in using the CBME tools.

Two options for building forms exist:

  • Building forms with a template (e.g. supervisor, procedure, and field note forms)

  • Building forms without a template (e.g. generic, periodic performance assessment (PPA) or rubric form)

Using a form template allows Elentra to quickly generate forms pulling in the relevant milestones, contextual variables and rating scales defined by administrative staff. After form templates are published, they can be triggered by faculty and learners at any point. Form templates have defined items included and administrators can not add additional items to a form template. Examples of form templates are the supervisor form, procedure form, and field note form.

You can also build forms without a template which gives you increased flexibility to add items of your own design. Examples include the generic form, rubric form, and periodic performance assessment form. The rubric and PPA have some required elements but you can also add additional items to these forms. As long as one item added to a rubric or PPA form is linked to an EPA the form will be triggerable by faculty and learners.

If a form is not something that a faculty or learner will trigger themselves, program administrators can create forms and send them out to be completed via distributions. A distribution defines who or what is being assessed/evaluated, who is competing the form, and when it is to be completed. Building items and forms to use with distributions is not a requirement if you only want to use triggerable forms. For additional information on building and distributing forms that are not triggerable, please see the Assessment and Evaluation help resources here.

For Staff and Faculty Groups to have access to the CBME features in the Distribution wizard, a developer will need to add an additional resource_type called CBME into the elentra_auth.acl_permissions table to include the organisation that has enabled CBME (if your instance of Elentra has more than one organisation) and the two groups of staff and faculty with an app_id of 1 and only a read permission.

An example of this entry for an instance where CBME is enabled in organisation_id 1 and 3:

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