Assessment and Evaluation Badge

Staff have quick access to review their assessment and evaluation tasks and those of their affiliated learners and faculty through the Assessment and Evaluation badge accessed in the top right.

When viewing results on any of the tabs in A&E, you can:

  • Use the search bar to look for a specific task by name and click the down arrow to limit your results by applying search filters like distribution method (date range, delegation, learning event, rotation schedule), curriculum period, course, and task status (pending, in progress, completed), and task type (mandatory/optional).

  • Sort by Delivery Date or Expiry Date (select one from the drop down selector and then enter the desired start and end dates).

  • Remember to click 'Apply Filters' to apply your choices.

  • Remember to click 'Remove Filters' to clear filters and view all results.

Assessment Tasks

This tab shows users all pending tasks for which they are responsible. Mandatory tasks are indicated with a red highlight with a bold red "Mandatory" title on the card.

This is particularly important for curriculum and program coordinators because of the delegation type distributions. If a distribution was created and set as a delegation to be sent to a program admin., s/he can access that delegation here and assign the task to the appropriate faculty (or other user).

  • View and complete a task by clicking on it.

  • Remove a task by clicking 'Remove Task' and providing a reason for its removal.

  • Download individual forms, or download multiple forms by clicking the download checkbox on each card and then clicking 'Download PDF(s)' at the top right. When users do this they will be able to choose whether to download all tasks as one file or as multiple files.

Tasks Completed on Me

This tab displays all tasks completed on the user and which s/he has been given access to view. This can be controlled in the creation of a distribution.

My Completed Tasks

  • The user can view all completed tasks and again, download an individual file or download multiple files at once.

My Learners

The My Learners tab will allow administrative staff to access a variety of information for learners associated with them. This list of available options will vary depending on which modules are in use in Elentra but could include CBME Dashboard, Assessments (refers to tasks managed through Assessment and Evaluation), Leaner Explorer (refers to course gradebooks), Schedule (i.e., rotation schedule) and Log Book.

Note that in a CBME-enabled organization, program coordinators can optionally see the CBME Program Dashboard when they click on the My Learners tab.

From the My Learners tab, users can:

  • Download a list of all learners associated with them by clicking 'Download Enrolment'. A pdf title "learners-for-name" will download and list all learners, including their primary email and learner level (if learner levels are in use).

  • Search for an individual by beginning to type his/her name in the search learners area; the learner cards displayed will automatically display to reflect the searched name.

  • Refine the list of learners by switching the curriculum period using the dropdown menu on the far right.

  • Click on the appropriate tab to view the desired information.


Curriculum/program coordinators associated with a course will be able to access a tab listing faculty. Faculty will appear on this list if they have been the assessor in a distribution or the target or assessor of a triggered form associated with the same course as the program coordinator.

  • Hide cards of external faculty by clicking Hide Card. Bring hidden cards back into view by clicking 'Show Hidden Faculty'.

  • Update external faculty emails by clicking on Update Email and providing revised information.

  • Program coordinators will be able to view the Current Tasks, Completed Tasks, Upcoming Tasks, and Tasks Completed on Faculty tabs for the available faculty.

  • Program coordinators can send reminders, remove tasks or download tasks. (From this screen there is an option to select all and send reminders.)

  • From the Tasks Completed on Faculty tab the program coordinator can also view Reports for this Faculty.

  • This tool allows the program coordinator to view and download a pdf report (with or without comments) that aggregates evaluations of the selected faculty in one report. Program coordinators can also use the Options dropdown menu to quickly view the form and the individual evaluations.

  • Responses and comments aggregated in these reports are de-identified.

  • Click group by distribution as desired to sort the forms by distribution. If the same form has been used across multiple distributions this will tease apart each distribution and you can report on forms completed in a single distribution.

Prompted Responses

This tab will only display if the user has Prompted Responses to manage. Prompted Responses is also an optional setting in Elentra so may not be on for your organization.

When building items for use on assessment or evaluation forms, administrators have the option to identify response selections as prompted responses; then, they can identify on a distribution who should be notified by email if a prompted response is selected. The Prompted Response Notifications tab allows recipients of prompted response email notifications to review and interact with the form that includes the prompted response.

  • When you click on your Assessment & Evaluation badge, you will see a Prompted Responses tab.

  • Once you have clicked the Prompted Response Tab, you will see a table displaying a list of your prompted response notifications, the course it belongs to, and the owner, target, and review the status of each task.

  • You can sort the table by clicking on any of the headers.

  • Search for a specific prompted response by using the search field.

  • Clicking on the title of the task will allow you to interact with the form.

Once you are viewing the form:

  • Click in the comment box to add in your comments about the assessment, if you have any.

  • Comments can only be viewed by other prompted response recipients and administrators associated with the course/program.

  • If you do not wish to add comments to a form, you can simply click the Submit Review/Comment to mark it as reviewed.

My Reports

To view information from forms completed on oneself, the user can click My Reports on the right hand side.

  • Set the date range.

  • Remember that the creator of a distribution can set whether a user can view reports on a distribution, so not every distribution completed on a target is available for the target to view.

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