Learner Use of Assessment and Evaluation

Learners have quick access to review their assessment and evaluation tasks through the Assessment and Evaluation badge.

  • Click the Assessment & Evaluation badge in the top right beside the logout button.

  • Three tabs will be visible to learners: Assessment Tasks, Tasks Completed on Me, and My Complete Tasks.

When viewing results on any of the tabs in A&E, use the search bar to look for a specific task by name and click the down arrow to limit your results by applying search filters like distribution method (date range, delegation, learning event, rotation schedule), curriculum period, course, and task status (pending, in progress, completed). Apply start and end dates to limit your results to a specific time frame. Remember to click 'Apply Filters' to apply your choices. Remember to click 'Remove Filters' to clear filters and view all results. Note that your previous filter settings may still be applied so if you are seeing no results, or fewer results than you expected, try 'Remove Filters'.

Assessment Tasks: This tab displays tasks the learner is currently responsible for completing (e.g. faculty evaluation, service evaluation, etc.). Mandatory tasks are now indicated with a red highlight with a bold red "Mandatory" title on the card. Task cards may display a rotation or block name depending on how they were scheduled. Learners can view a task, download individual tasks or multiple tasks at once, and can remove tasks. If the learner removes a task, they will have to provide a reason.

Tasks Completed on Me: This tab displays all the tasks that have been completed on the learner. Task cards display the form title and type, task delivery and completion dates, form triggerer name (if applicable), and name and role of the assessor. Learners can view a task and download individual tasks or multiple tasks at once. A Seen by Target icon now appears in the top right hand corner so that the learner, faculty and staff can confirm the learner has seen the completed form.

My Reports: From this button on the right hand side, learners can access reports on forms completed on them (if the distribution allowed for learners to view results). Provide the appropriate dates. Click 'Report'.

My Completed Tasks: This tab displays forms the learner has completed. Task cards display the form title and type, rotation/block name, task delivery and completion dates, and progress. Learners can view a task and download individual tasks or multiple tasks at once.

When you toggle to card view of a list of users (e.g. within a distribution) you'll be able to see their user photo (if they have provided one).

Learner release of complete task to faculty

When administrators create distributions they can optionally decide whether or not to release the tasks and associated reports to the targets of the forms. Choosing to release tasks allows the target to view forms completed on them. In the case of evaluations, administrators only have the option to release task reporting to targets, not release individual tasks. However, a distribution can be set up to allow learners to optionally release completed evaluation tasks to a target. This applies in the case of evaluations only.

If this optional target release feature is used, at the bottom of an assigned evaluation task, learners will see the option to release the evaluation to the selected target. If the learner picks 'Yes' from the dropdown selector, the task will become available for the target to view through their Assessment & Evaluation tab.

The faculty member can now view that completed form.

Note that learners opting to individually release tasks for faculty to view does not change the faculty member's ability to create a report on a distribution (that is still dictated by the distribution).

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