Rating Scales

When you create assessment and evaluation items you will have the option of applying rating scales to certain item types; creating rating scales promotes consistency across items and can be a time saver for the administrative staff creating items and forms.

You must be a medtech:admin user to manage rating scales. Scales can have permissions configured if needed (see end of page).

For additional detail about rating scales in CBME, please see here.

How to create new rating scales

  • Navigate to Admin>Assessment and Evaluation.

  • Click 'Scales' from the A&E tabs list. Any existing rating scales will be displayed.

  • Click the green 'Add Rating Scale' button.

  • Complete the required information, noting the following: Title: Title is required and is what users will see when they build items and add scales so make it clear. Description: This is optional and is not often seen though the platform. Rating Scale Type: This defines the type of rating scale you are creating. Later, if you add rating scales to items, or add standard scales to form templates, you will first have to select a scale type. There is no user interface to configure rating scale types. Sample scale types include generic, global rating scale, milestone scale, etc. In a default Elentra installation you'll likely just see a default scale type. (In installations with CBME enabled you'll see global rating and milestone/enabling competency scales.)

  • Add or remove response categories by clicking the plus and minus icons.

  • For each response category, select a descriptor (these are configured through the assessment response categories). Note that you can search for descriptors by beginning to type the descriptor in the search box.

  • To edit an existing rating scale click on the scale title, make changes as needed, and click 'Save'.

  • To delete a rating scale click the checkbox beside the rating scale and click 'Delete Rating Scale'.

Once scales are created, they will become visible options when creating items and using some form templates.

How to set permissions for a scale

Setting permissions for a scale dictates which users will be able to access a scale when they create assessment and evaluation items. For example, if you set a scale's permissions to Undergraduate Medicine, all users with access to Admin > A & E in the undergraduate organisation will be able to use the scale when creating items. If you set a scale's permissions to several individual users, only those users will be able to access the scale when creating items.

You must create a scale before you can edit the permissions for it. After a scale is created you will automatically be redirected to the edit page.

  • In the Rating Scale Information section, look for the Scale Permissions heading.

  • Select Individual, Organisation, or Course from the dropdown options.

  • Type in the search bar to find the appropriate entity.

  • Click on the entity name to add it to the permission list.

  • Add as many permissions as required.

  • Scroll down and click 'Save'.

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