Elentra Mobile
Learners - Trigger an Asssessment

Trigger Assessment

You will have the option to trigger new assessments if your school is using Elentra for CBME.
Tap the green "Trigger Assessment" button at the bottom of the Assessment & Evaluation page.

Select Assessor

After tapping the Trigger Assessment button:
    Select an assessor. Begin typing an assessor's name to find them. Previously selected assessors will appear in your custom short-list.
      If the assessor you are searching for doesn't exist, tap "Add External User" to add them to Elentra. Please ensure that you search for all iterations of their name and that you enter a working email address. Adding duplicate accounts will result in confusion.
    Tap on the name of the assessor you wish to select.
    Tap the info icon to see the assessor card details (program or department affiliation, etc.).

Select Encounter Date & Delivery Method

Next, select the date of the encounter that you are being assessed on. The mobile app defaults to today's date. Then, select an assessment method. Details about each assessment method are provided inline.
You can only select Complete and confirm via Personal Identification Number (PIN) if the assessor you selected has set their PIN on their profile. You will need to be with the assessor to use this method as they will be asked to enter their PIN on your device.

Select EPA (if applicable)

Start typing the EPA title to filter down the list.
For additional EPA details, tap the black info icon to view the EPA Encyclopedia.

Select Assessment Tool

Start typing the form title to filter down the list.
Click 'Begin Assessment' on any tool to begin.
Depending on the chosen assessment method you will either be directed to the assessment tool to start it, or the form will be sent directly to the assessor.
Complete the form, or save as draft to return to later.
    A green checkmark at the top indicates that the item is complete and has saved.
    Tap "Filter Results" and begin typing to filter a long list of responses.
    Tap a response to select it.
    Tap the arrows or swipe left & right to proceed to the next or previous item.
    When typing free-text responses, tap outside the keyboard to close it in order to reveal the arrows.
    You will see the checkmark on the Save/Submit button turn into a spinner when the form is autosaving.

Dictation Support on Free-Text Items

Elentra Mobile leverages the built-in dictation support on your device. To dictate free-text responses, tap on the text box then tap on the microphone icon on your device keyboard. This will allow you to dictate narrative feedback into the box.
In the above image (iPhone XR), the microphone icon is located at the bottom right. Your device may use a different location for this icon.
When typing or dictating free-text responses, tap outside the keyboard to close it in order to continue.

Saving and Submitting

Tap "Save/Submit" to save or submit the assessment. If you missed any required items, the app will tell you which item(s) needs a response. Use the back arrow or swipe to locate the incomplete item(s).
You will not be able to submit the form until all required items are completed, unless you are a submitting an assessment using "complete and confirm via email".
The app automatically saves each item as you click through the form. You may also use "Save Draft" if you wish to exit the task and navigate to another part of the app. You can continue the task on mobile or web at any time.
Example of Save/Submit modal
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