Release 3.4.0 - Technical Considerations

Release 3.4.0 - Technical Considerations

For a complete list of all issues that were merged for this release, please log in to JIRA and view the Mobile App project Kanban board. There is a filter preset for fix version 3.4.0.

  • React-native and react-navigation upgraded to version 4

    • Cleaned up the way that assessment and evaluation data is handled

    • Removed a number of deprecated react native components

    • Removed legacy reducers including

      • assessment details reducer, assessment save progress reducer, & assessment draft reducer

    • Improved navigation flows

      • moved all navigation logic to root

      • updated navigation stacks

      • removed deprecated navigation code

  • New and updated API endpoints. Please upgrade your API version to 3.x (compatible with ME 1.16 and 1.17 releases) or you will encounter difficulties with triggering assessments. The following features absolutely require the newest API version, or cherry-pick the commits:

    • new auth flow (API-28)

    • procedure form modal (APP-124)

    • Queen's UGME EPA triggering (APP-151)

    • cbme_only flag (APP-133)

    • aprogress_id 500 error (APP-144)

    • assessment cue for self-assessment method (APP-186)

    • email blank form to external assessor (APP-195)

Implementation Notes:

In addition to the comments above regarding the API, please note the following PRs that may need to be cherry-picked to ME (these are merged in release 1.17.1, only prior releases need to cherry-pick):

  • The /assessments/courses endpoint has been modified to accept a cbme_only boolean flag that will limit the course picker to only CBME courses if the flag is enabled. You will also need this PR to receive the flag from ME:

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