Navigating the Mobile App

For faculty & learners.

Learning Events Calendar

Upon logging in to the app, you will see your learning events calendar. If your course or program uses Elentra to schedule learning events, you can access the schedule here. Click on a given day to view a list of the events that occur that day. A dot indicates that there is an event scheduled. Click on an event to view the event details.

Note: In order to view or download attached resources, your phone will open the link in a browser and you will be prompted to log in again using your mobile browser.

Quick Access to Modules

From the bottom of the screen you have quick access to the modules supported in the app.

  • The calendar icon will take you to events.

  • The bell icon will take you to notifications.

  • The page icon will take you to assessment and evaluation tasks.

  • The stopwatch icon will take you to the logbook.

  • The menu icon (three horizontal bars) will take you to the app options.

Tap on the menu icon (three horizontal bars at the bottom right) to open the app options.

From here, you can:

  1. Change organisations and/or roles. Tap on Settings, then Organisation (Group), then the organisation or role you want to switch to (e.g., resident, faculty, or student).

  2. Access your Events calendar. Tap "Events" to view your events calendar.

  3. View Notices. Tap "Notices" to view system notices. The blue badge indicates how many notices you have.

  4. Access your Assessment & Evaluation task list. Tap "Assessment & Evaluation" to complete or initiate (if enabled) assessments and evaluations. The green badge indicates how many tasks you have to complete.

  5. Access your Logbook (if applicable). If enabled for your course/program, tap "Logbook" to view your logbook and add new entries.

  6. Sign out. The mobile app will only keep you logged in for the same amount of time that the web app does (e.g., it will time out eventually). You can logout at any time from the Sign Out button.


From any screen, tap the bell icon to access Notices.

  1. Toggle between All, Unread, and Read notices.

  2. Tap on a Notice to read the full text and mark it as read.

Assessment & Evaluation

From any screen, tap the page icon to access Assessment & Evaluation.

  1. To complete a task that was already delivered to you, tap "View/Resume Task" then complete and submit the form.

    1. If you have multiple targets for the same task, you will see the list of names after viewing the task. Simply tap the name you wish to complete first.

  2. To delete a task, tap "Remove Task".

  3. To initiate a new assessment (if enabled), tap the "Start Assessment/Evaluation" button and follow the steps.


Logbooks are accessible to learners enrolled in a course with a logbook configured.

From any screen, tap the stopwatch icon to access Logbook.

  1. Tap "Log Entry" to create a new entry.

  2. View previous entries for an objective by tapping the objective.

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