Permission Masks

This tool is only available to faculty users and will not appear for a user who has faculty>faculty group and role. It is not just the storage of admin. information; it allows an admin. assistant to act in Elentra under the identity of the faculty member and as such should be used carefully. While there is a back-end record of what actions were taken while an admin. assistant is in the masked identity, through the user interface all actions the admin. assistant takes will appear as if taken by the faculty member.

  • Click on the user name in the top right.

  • Click 'My Admin Assistants'.

  • Type in the name of another user, and click on it.

  • Set access start and finish dates and times to limit when the admin. will be able to be masked as the faculty member. By default it will set access to for one week.

  • Click 'Add Assistant'.

  • To remove an admin. assistant click the checkbox beside their name and click 'Remove Assistant'.

In this example a faculty member has granted three admin assistants access for different lengths of time.

If faculty link their account with admin. assistants', the admin. assistants will see a Permission Masks card on their sidebar and can select to use another id at any time during the active permission mask period.

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