Profile Photos

Elentra allows there to be two profile photos stored for each user: an official photo and a user uploaded photo. The official photo must be uploaded by an administrative user. If a user's account has both an official photo and a user uploaded photo, the official photo will be used first.

User photos appear through out Elentra. Some examples include in People Search and when triggering or completing Assessment and Evaluation forms.

Photos can be imported through the user interface in a user's profile but there is also a photo import tool that a developer can use to bulk import multiple official photos.

Please note that if a user does not want his/her photo displayed in Elentra s/he can change his/her privacy settings in the user profile. If users select Minimum Profile their photos will be hidden from other users.

Photo Import Tool

If you want to bulk import user photos you will need help from a developer. The work a non-technical staff member can do is to prepare a folder of the required photos. Each photo should be named using Lastname_Firstname.jpg or studentnumber.jpg. You don't have to worry too much about the size of the photos since Elentra will automatically resize them as needed.

Profile Photo Upload by User

If users want to upload their own profile photos they can do so through their profile. On the main Personal Information page, users can hover over the empty photo spot and click Upload Photo to add a photo.

Note that they can toggle between the official and uploaded photos to view the two photos they might have on file.

A user can't delete his or her photo. They can upload a new photo to overwrite their existing uploaded photo.

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