User Management

Elentra allows you to collect and store information on users in a variety of ways. Each user can have a basic profile but you can configure the system to collect additional information as desired.

Many institutions sync their user records with a centralized authoritative record of users which reduces the work of maintaining a user database.

Information you can collect and store on users through the basic profile includes:

  • Institutional number

  • Username and password

  • Name prefix

  • First and last name

  • Gender

  • E-mail (up to 2 by default)

  • Phone and fax numbers

  • Address

  • Office Hours

  • Notes/comments

  • You can allow users to add post-nominal letters to their names, however this setting is disabled by default. If you'd like to use this feature a developer will need to enable it for your institution.

  • If you have users with identical first and last names we recommend that their middle initial be entered as part of the first name field.

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