Learner View of Units

The learner weeks view is accessible from the Weeks tab on the main tab menu. It provides an overview of the weeks and units across multiple courses. By clicking on a unit learners can access a summary of the week including resources, objectives, learning events, and unit tags. Learners have the option to bulk download resources included in the unit and can print a list of all objectives.

“Week Objectives” shows curriculum tags applied to the unit. If learning events have been tagged with a curriculum tag and that curriculum tag has been contextually linked with one of the week objectives assigned to the unit, the curriculum tag and learning event will display under the list of week objectives.

“Unit Tags” shows tags assigned to the unit and any tags contextually-linked to the unit tags (view the latter by clicking on the unit tag to expand a list below it). (This information will only be visible if context-based linkages are enabled in your installation.)

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