The units and weeks feature allows an organisation to add curriculum layout placeholders that divide each curriculum period (Year 1, 2, etc.) into weeks, e.g., Week 1, Week 2, Week N, and assign events to those units in each course. To facilitate this, certain settings have to be in place in the software. If you are not seeing weeks or unit options and you think you should be, please ask a developer at your institution to check the settings table and make sure weeks is enabled.

Using the weeks and units feature requires a couple of steps. First, an administrative user has to build the global weeks for an organisation; next, units can be added to courses and linked with the weeks structure. Finally, events can be linked to a unit. Doing this populates a learner view of Weeks that displays all units across courses and lets learners drill down into a unit to view its objectives, affiliated events, and resources.

Using the weeks feature means that you can also apply weeks as a filter in a variety of places in Elentra. You can use weeks to refine your search results in Curriculum Search, on the Events page, and in the Curriculum Tag Minutes and Mapping Report.

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