In Elentra, organisation refers to an entity using and managing its own curriculum map version, layouts, tags, courses/programs, learning events, gradebooks, etc. Examples of organisations include undergraduate medicine and postgraduate or graduate medicine. Another example could be nursing or rehabilitation therapy.

You can add and manage organisations through Admin>System Settings. While Medtech:Admin and Staff:Admin users have access to System Settings, ONLY Medtech:Admin can add a new organisation.

How to add a new organisation

  • Note that this tool is only available to Medtech:Admin users.

  • Navigate to Admin>System Settings.

  • Click 'Add New Organisation'.

  • Provide the required information noting the following: Interface Template: Stock Elentra has one default interface. If you are testing things on an installation with dummy data provided by Elentra, and have different interface options available, we recommend using them only if it has been recommended to you.

  • Click 'Save'.

Additional interface template information: The Elentra template is entirely configurable by a developer and if you would like additional interface templates, that is customization that your institution can do. Many schools apply their own branding to the look of Elentra or you might create different templates for different organisations using your installation of Elentra (e.g., undergraduate and postgraduate or graduate medical education organizations).

How to edit an existing organisation's metadata

  • Navigate to Admin>System Settings.

  • Click on the name of the organisation you want to manage.

  • Click on the pencil icon and 'Edit' in the top right to change the existing information.

  • Make the required changes and click 'Save' in the bottom right.

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