Assessment Reports

Assessment Summary Report

This report provides an overview of all assessments entered into a course gradebook for a specific cohort. It provides assessment titles and descriptions for assessments grouped in the following ways: all formative assessments, all summative assessments, all narrative assessments, all narrative assessments that are also formative assessments, and all narrative assessments that are part of the final grade.

This report was created to help provide data for LCME Standard 9: Teaching, Supervision, Assessment, and Student and Patient Safety.

Assessment Objective Report

This report provides a table showing assessments, their descriptions, and the objectives and MCC presentations tagged to those assessments within a course gradebook and for a specific cohort. The Objective column displays curriculum tag titles and attempts to consolidate titles within a tag set to save display space. Instead of ME2.1a, ME2.1b, ME2.1c showing up you will see ME2.1a, b, c. The curriculum tag set defined with the tag set title MCC Presentations appears in the last column.

This report was created to help courses review their assessments and create blueprints to ensure that all curriculum tags assigned to a course are being appropriately assessed. Note that this report displays the curriculum tags assigned to assessments via the gradebook edit assessment page in the Assessment Objectives section. If you have an exam entered into the gradebook and have used the exam module to build and tag assessment items, the system does not automatically mine exams and collect their tagged assessment items and apply those tags to the gradebook assessment entry. You'll still have to tag the assessment entry with the appropriate tags.

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