Disciplinary Actions

When an organisation wishes to record disciplinary action taken in response to a student's behavior, they can do so using the Discipline feature of the student's user profile.

Note that the Manage Incident feature might also be useful in this context and more information about Manage Incidents can be found in the User Management help section. Note that whereas Incidents is available to use with any user, Discipline is available only on student user profiles.

How to add a disciplinary action to a learner's profile

  • Navigate to Admin>Manage Users.

  • Search for the appropriate user and click on his/her name.

  • From the Student Management box on the left sidebar, click 'Disciplinary Actions'.

  • Click 'Add Disciplinary Actions' to create a new disciplinary action.

  • Provide the relevant details and click 'Add Action'. Unlike Incidents, the creator of a disciplinary action will not automatically be recorded and displayed.

  • Currently, learners can't view their own disciplinary actions.

  • To delete an existing action click the red minus icon beside the relevant action.

By default learners can not see their own discipline records through Elentra and such records are only accessible by users with admin roles.Next Previous

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