The Portfolio Module allows administrators to set up portfolios for cohorts of learners and build a folder structure and artifacts in which learners can store entries. Faculty can be designated as portfolio advisors and linked with specific learners in order to view their portfolio entries and provide feedback.

Portfolios can be configured to allow learners to create their own artifacts, or you can only allow learners to upload entries to required artifacts. In this way Elentra can support different portfolio models including working portfolios, display or showcase portfolios, and assessment portfolios.

Portfolios can also be linked to gradebooks to allow graders access to portfolio entries while simultaneously using assessment forms or entering grades. Learners can choose to restrict access to certain of their portfolio entries so they are not visible via the gradebook.

Vocabulary terms that may be helpful to understanding the portfolio module include artifact and entry. An artifact can be created by an administrator or a learner (when permission is granted to do so) and acts as a holding place for entries. An entry is an actual file, url, or piece of text supplied by the learner and specific to them. One artifact can have multiple entries.

In a stock Elentra installation users with MedTech:Admin and Staff:Admin permissions have access to setup and manage portfolios.

At present there are limited tools through the user interface to report on portfolio completion and you can only set up one portfolio .

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