Learner View of Gradebooks and Assignments

New in ME 1.18!

  • Ability to see forms attached to gradebook assessments even without a drop box assignment

  • Visual cue that feedback has been provided on a gradebook assignment

  • Optionally view marking scheme, grading scale or percentage depending on how admin. configure gradebook

Learners can view their gradebooks by clicking on the uesr icon in the top right and selecting Gradebooks.

Use the enrolment period selector as needed to filter the gradebooks displayed.

The My Gradebooks page lists courses and displays the total number of assessments in a course gradebook as well as their current grade for a course based on all grades entered so far. (Note learners may see a higher assessment number on this overview page than they can view when they access a detailed list of assessments - this is because some of the assessments won't yet be visible if no grade is entered.)

Learners can click on a course title to see a list of the assessments included in that course gradebook. Learners will see the assessment title (sorted by collection if applicable), their mark (shown as marking scheme or grading scale depending on how assessment was set up by admin.), weighted mark, assessment type (i.e., formative or summative), and the class mean and median. If there is a form attached to an assessment learners will see an eye icon beside the assessment name. Learners can click on the eye icon to open the attached form and view any feedback provided to them.

Note in the example below that the mark is being displayed in a variety of ways. Quiz 1 shows the marking scheme (numeric), Quiz 2 shows the grading scale (letter grade), and Quiz 3 shows grading scale, marking scheme and percentage. Course administrators control how the marks are shown to learners when they build the gradebook assessments.

There is a setting option in the database so that organizations can hide class mean and class median if desired.

Please note that in Elentra, if a gradebook assessment has no grade entered for a learner, the assessment will not display on the detailed assessment list. Only once a grade is entered will the assessment show to the leaner (assuming the assessment was configured to show in learner gradebook).

The learner's overall weighted total as shown on the My Gradebooks page will not treat a blank entry as a zero and will show the weighted total based on all assessments for which there is an entered grade (this differs slightly from the admin. view of a gradebook).


Learners can view their assignments (i.e., gradebook assessments that require a document to be submitted via a drop box) by clicking the user icon in the top right and selecting 'Assignments'.

Learners will see any assignments set to display for learners and will see their corresponding course and a due date if one has been created.

If an assignment has been graded using a form attached to the gradebook assessment learners will see a green checkmark. They can click on the checkmark to view the completed form and any feedback provided to them by a grader.

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