Group Assessments

When creating as assessment in the gradebook you can create a group assessment. This will allow leaners to upload one assignment (if you use a drop box) on behalf of their whole group and when a grader grades the assignment, the grade will be applied to all group members.

If you use this tool, graders can still tweak individual grades after the group grade has been entered.

To use this feature, you must have course groups built. Please see the Course>Groups page for more detail.

How to add groups to a group assessment

  • In the 'Audience Options' section, assign the assessment to specific course groups (include all groups if an entire course is responsible for completing the assessment).

  • If you want learners in the same group to get the same grade, check the box.

  • Click the 'X' beside the search or somewhere outside the selection window to close it.

  • The selected groups will display on a list below the "Select Audience" dropdown.

  • To remove a group from the list, click the 'x' beside the group name.

How to assign groups to graders

  • Begin to type a grader name into the search field and when matches appear, click on the appropriate name and select Add.

  • You may add multiple graders to one assessment.

  • To assign groups to graders, click the checkbox beside multiple group names and click 'Assign Selected to Grader'.

  • In the popup window, click the checkbox beside the appropriate grader name click 'Assign Learner'.

  • The names of individual learners in each group should appear beside the grader name in the Grader/Assigned Learners table on the left.

  • To delete a learner from a grader's list, click the red minus icon. Note that the learner will not be added back to learner's list since it only shows groups. If you remove an individual learner from a grader's list you need to ensure the student gets graded some other way.

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