Attaching an Exam

You can attach an exam to a gradebook assessment from the gradebook or from an exam post. Doing this creates a link between the two so that exam grades will automatically populate the gradebook.

Please note that if you include questions in an exam that need to be manually graded (e.g., short answer), student grades will initially be calculated and displayed in the gradebook without including their possible points from those questions. As such, it is recommended that if you include manually graded questions, you delay the gradebook assessment visibility to learners until you know the exams will be graded.

Attaching an exam post to a gradebook assessment from a gradebook assessment

To attach an exam to a gradebook assessment the exam must first be posted to an event in the appropriate curriculum period. The curriculum period for the gradebook and the event to which the exam is posted must match.

  • Create a gradebook assessment using the instructions in the Gradebook help section.

  • Click the checkbox beside Link existing online exam to this assessment.

  • Click 'Add Exam Post'.

  • Begin to type the name of the exam and select it from the displayed list.

  • Click 'Attach Exam Post'.

  • Note that you have a new item to configure which is exam scoring method. Your options are to: show average of all scores, show first score, show highest score, or show latest score in the gradebook. These options only apply if you set the exam to be taken multiple times by learners.

  • Set the other parameters for the assessment and click 'Save.' Note that you do not need to set graders for an exam in the gradebook assessment since you add graders to specific exam posts in the Exams module.

  • When the exam is completed and grading is complete (if required) the grades will automatically display in the gradebook.

It is possible to attach more than one exam post to a single gradebook assessment. This might be useful if you have two sections of learners writing the exam at different times but the grades will populate the same gradebook assessment.

Note that when you attach an exam to the gradebook from the edit assessment page, the system automatically determines the point total based on the number of questions on the exam (e.g. 5 questions = 5 points) if you are using a numeric marking scheme.

Attaching an exam to a gradebook assessment from an exam post

If you wish to attach an exam to a gradebook assessment from an exam post you will do so on Step 4:Feedback. *Attach GradeBook: Select an existing gradebook entry to attach the exam to (the list will prepopulate based on the course and event selected in earlier steps and the contents of the gradebook for the relevant curriculum period). Note that you can't set the exam scoring method from here; you must navigate to the gradebook assessment to do so.

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