Exam Information and Settings

How to adjust information and settings (display options, permissions, randomization and PDFs)

  • Once an exam has been created, you can control some options for the delivery of the exam.

  • Navigate to a list of your exams and click on the name of the exam you'd like to work with.

  • Click on the Information & Settings tab just below the exam title heading.

  • Complete or adjust the sections as desired, noting the following:

Exam Information

  • Title and description: Adjust as needed. The description is not made visible elsewhere.

  • Parent Folder: You are required to add the exam to a folder. Click 'Select Parent Folder', click on the required folder, and click 'Done'.

  • Adding someone to the permissions list will give them access to edit the exam and view its statistics. To add permission for other users to access an exam, select the user type (individual, organisation or course), begin to type in a name and click on the name you want. The selected user will appear on a list below. To remove a permission click the red x beside a name. If you make an exam accessible to an organisation it means anyone in that organisation with access to the exam module will be able to access the exam. If you make an exam accessible to a course, anyone listed in the course contacts section of the course setup page will be able to access the exam.

Exam Settings

  • Set how questions will be displayed to learners (note that you can add a page break to an exam from the Exam>Questions tab).

  • Randomize questions: If you want questions to be delivered in a random order to the audience of the exam, set this to on. Remember, grouped questions will be kept together.

  • Randomize answers: If you want the answer responses for questions to be delivered in a random order to the audience of this exam, set this to on.

Exam Data

This section shows you the total number of questions and points and shows you how curriculum tags have been applied to this exam. There is nothing you can edit here but you can search for specific curriculum tags to see their use across the exam.

Exam PDFs

Use this space to upload any resources you want learners to be able to access during the exam (e.g., dosage chart, x-ray image). During an entire exam learners will be able to click on a small paperclip icon to access these resources.

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