The Exam Module allows users to create and store a variety of assessment items (e.g., multiple choice items, essay questions, matching items, etc.), import existing assessment items (from text documents or ExamSoft), create and post exams, have learners complete exams in a secure online environment, allow faculty to grade exam questions, and report on exam results.

Access to the Exam Module

Only users with appropriate permissions can access the Exam Module by navigating to Admin>Manage Exams. Note that only users with Admin roles can migrate questions from another exam software tool.

There is now an account option to allow for a student user to be a 'Student Admin.' This allows for a student to access Manage Exams, but they only have access to question folders where they have permission as a folder author. To set up a student as a Student Admin, navigate to Admin>Manage Users, select the user, and in the Account Options section, set the Student Admin field to 'Yes'.

Exam Dashboard

From the Exam Dashboard, users will see recent exams to which they have access, and any exams to grade (click on either tab to switch screens). Recent Exams will show exams from the previous 30 days. Access Questions or Exams from the Manage Exams card on the left sidebar.

Frequently used features: Randomization of questions must be set in an exam's information and settings. Adding resources to an exam (e.g. PDF) must be completed on an exam's information and settings page. Enabling tools for exam takers like calculator, self-timer, etc. is completed when making an exam post. Security for an exam is set when you create an exam post. Adding graders to an exam is set after an exam has been posted.

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