Event Attendance Tab

On the Attendance tab of an event page you can record attendance for an event. Elentra supports recording attendance manually, by having users swipe an id card (kiosk mode), or by having users send a text message to confirm attendance (using Twilio).

New in ME 1.18!

A new Absence Management module was introduced in Elentra ME 1.18. If it is in use you may see comments in the Notes section of an attendance page.

Please note that there is a separate attendance tool for learners to record their attendance at clinical events (if you have scheduled learners into clinical events in the Clinical Experience > Rotation Schedule).

How to manually record attendance

  • Click the checkbox beside the name of each learner in attendance. Click the checkbox again to change the attendance status.

  • Changes are saved constantly so there is no Save button on the page.

  • Search for a learner by typing in his/her id number.

Any student whose absence is pre-approved via the Absence Management module will have a comment in the Notes section indicating so, they should still be marked absence by de-selecting the tick box. This will be recorded on their dashboard as an “Approved” absence.

Kiosk mode

Kiosk mode allows learners to swipe their school ids to complete the attendance record for the event. To use kiosk mode your organisation must set up some hardware and link it to Elentra to record attendance.

Once attendance kiosk mode has been configured it is easy to use.

  • Navigate to the relevant learning event page.

  • Click on the Attendance tab.

  • Click 'Kiosk Mode'.

  • When the green check mark comes up, learners can begin to swipe their cards.

You can download a CSV of learner attendance (blank or after completion) using the Download CSV button at the bottom of the page.

Information about potential hardware you could use is posted below.

Learning Event Attendance with Twilio Integration

Please note that Twilio is a fee-based service. If you choose to use this attendance option, your users will need Twilio accounts. See more at https://www.twilio.com/

This optional feature allows learners to mark their own attendance at a learning event via text message.

To use this feature, your Elentra installation needs events_sms_attendance_enabled and twilio_enabled to be active. Additionally, your learners will need active Twilio accounts. (You can set up a trial Twilio account to test the feature if you're interested in exploring it.)

To use this feature learners need to provide their contact information in their user profile. Their numbers will be verified by Twilio.

People teaching an event can enable SMS mode on the attendance page of an event.

  • Teachers enter a timeframe (in minutes) for how long learners can mark their attendance.

  • Teachers click Generate Code. After the code is generated, teachers share the code and destination phone number with learners.

  • Learners text the code to the number provided.

  • After texting the code to the provided phone number the learner's attendance will be updated to present.

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