Hot Topics

Hot Topics can be configured to include a list of items your organisation would like to track across learning events. Hot topics function somewhat like curriculum tag sets but they are not available to assign to courses or assessment items. For this reason, your organisation may prefer to build a hot topic taxonomy in the curriculum tag sets via Manage Curriculum. One feature of hot topics is that you can indicate whether teaching about a hot topic was major or minor in a learning event, however there is currently no way to report on this information.

How to manage a list of hot topics

  • Navigate to Admin>System Settings.

  • Select the organisation for which you want to manage hot topics.

  • Click Hot Topics from the left sidebar.

  • Click 'Add Hot Topic'.

  • Provide a name and description and click 'Save'.

  • To delete hot topics, click the checkbox beside the category you wish to delete and then scroll down and click 'Delete Selected'.

How to tag hot topics within a learning event

  • Navigate to a learning event you want to tag with a hot topic.

  • From Administrator View, click on the Content tab.

  • In the Event Objectives section scroll down to the Event Topics section. Click 'Event Topics' to make the list of topics visible.

  • Tick off the Major or Minor field as needed.

  • To deselect a topic, click the remove x.

  • Click 'Save'.

  • When a hot topic is tagged to a learning event, this information (including major or minor designation) is visible to learners on the learning event page.

How to report on hot topics across the curriculum

  • Navigate to Admin>System Reports.

  • The Course Summary Report includes a column to show Hot Topics tagged to specific learning events.

  • From the Learning Event tab you can apply multiple filters to tailor the list of learning events you are viewing. One of the filters you can apply is Hot Topics. This allows you to generate a list of all events tagged with a specific hot topic.

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