Curriculum Explorer

The Curriculum Explorer is available to all users by default and allows you to filter by curriculum tag set, course, cohort, and academic year, in order to see where a specific curriculum tag has been applied to a course, learning event, or assessment.

One big difference between Curriculum Explorer and Curriculum Search is that Explorer includes assessments. Currently, the results returned in Curriculum Explorer regarding assessments reflect curriculum tags applied to an assessment in the Gradebook module. It does not return results for individual exam items.

Curriculum Explorer does not currently reflect mapping between curriculum tags. It will only display curriculum tags directly assigned to an event, course, or assessment.

Curriculum Explorer does not currently reflect the parent-child relationship if you create recurring events using the parent-child relationship. It will display results for all events that have been tagged with the relevant curriculum tag.

How to use Curriculum Explorer

  • Select a curriculum tag set from the dropdown menu.

  • Select a course, cohort, and or academic year to limit your results. This is optional.

  • By default, the system will return results for courses to which curriculum tag is assigned and learning events and Gradebook assessments where the tag was applied. If you are only interested in one or two of those, click the category you don't want to disable it.

  • Click 'Explore'.

  • In the left pane, you'll see a list of curriculum tags and the number of times they are tagged in the system according to the parameters set above.

  • Click on a specific curriculum tag to view its results or to drill down to additional tags if the set has a hierarchy.

  • In the right pane, switch between views of courses, events, and assessments tagged with the objective. These tabs will only show up if you left them enabled and there were results returned.

There is not currently an export tool associated with the Curriculum Explorer.

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