Locking a Course Website

Please note that while the user interface has been added for this feature, as of ME 1.17 it is not currently active.

If you wish to prevent further changes to a course website community, you can optionally lock the community from Admin > Manage Communities.

This tool is only available from Admin > Manage Communities, not from the Manage Community sidebar. As such, only users with administrative access can lock a community. This prevents users who are administrators of a community (like faculty), but NOT administrative staff, from locking/unlocking course websites.

  • Navigate to Admin > Manage Communities.

  • Search for the course website you want to lock.

  • From the menu cog on the right hand side, click Lock.

  • After a course website is locked it will display with a lock beside the title.

  • You can unlock a course website at any time by following the same steps as above, but clicking unlock.

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