New in ME 1.18!

  • Attendance Report

Before you can access any reports for a course on the Reports tab, you must have enabled the reports on the course's Setup tab.

Attendance Report

  • Navigate to Admin > Manage Courses and select the Reports tab for the appropriate course.

  • Click on Attendance.

  • Set a date range for the report.

  • Set optional filters for:

    • learning event types

    • cohort/class list

    • specific students (the students available will depend on which cohort/class list was selected)

  • Click Download.

  • The report is generated as a csv file and will include a list of learners, the included events (with dates), attendance status per learner per event, a student total and course total, and a student total attendance percentage.

Report Card

This report does not fully function right now but it is intended to allow users to select a learner, and view a table showing curriculum tags as rows, and learning events, simulations, and logbook across the top. In each grid matrix you see a completion rate (e.g. 1/3, 2/5) in terms of attendance and completion. For the learning events the denominator is the number of events where attendance was required and that curriculum tag was applied. The numerator is how many times the learner was present at those events (this tool assumes you are using attendance tracking in Elentra).

My Teachers

Clicking on My Teachers will provide a report displaying the names and email addresses of all teachers active in the course. You can select the teachers you want and generate an email list to quickly communicate with people.

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