Course Content

On the Course Content tab you can provide a course description, director's message, and different types of resources.

Course Setup

  • You can add an external link if you have an external course page or resource you’d like users to access when trying to view this course. If you will be connecting this course to an Elentra built course website (using the Communities module), leave this blank for now. If you use another LMS provider to house course information and you'd like to link to it, add the appropriate url here.

  • Note that if you have linked a course to a course community and wish to unlink it you must do so from the Administration page for that community. You cannot unlink a course from a course website from the Course Content tab.

  • If you wish to redirect all course clicks to the external website click the checkbox underneath 'External Website URL'.

  • Add a course description and director’s message if desired. Both of these will be visible to users. If you go on to create a course website and link this course to it, the course description and director's message will automatically display on the course website background page.

  • After you've input content, click 'Save'.

Course Objectives (without units and context-based linking turned on)

  • Any objectives assigned to the course will be displayed here in a list. For the curriculum objectives assigned, you can configure your Elentra setup to allow individual courses to edit the wording of specific objectives. To do so, click 'edit' beside the objectives code and a window will open allowing you to edit the objective text.

Course Resources

As of ME 1.16, LTI Providers are added and configured in System Settings to use LTI Consumers in Course Pages, Course Websites and Learning Events.

  • Files and links attached here will be made available to all users accessing the course. The links and files will be displayed to users when they click on a course title.

  • LTI Provider: Use this if your organisation is partnering with another educational content provider to deliver content or other tools to learners (e.g. Khan, Quizlet, Turnitin, etc.). If you plan to create a course website via the Communities module to use with this course you'll able to add an LTI provider page to that website.

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