Viewing Existing Schedules

Viewing the Learners tab

  • Click on the name of a schedule. Note that Staff:Pcoor users will only have access to their affiliated programs.

  • Click 'Learners' from the tab menu below the schedule title.

  • A list of enrolled learners will display in the first column. Their names, photos, id numbers and learner level (CBME learners only) will be included. The other columns represent the blocks available for learners to be scheduled into.

  • Note the quick tools like jumping to the current block, changing the view from block to month to quarter, and the zoom function. (The reset button will return your zoom to 100%.)

  • When using quarter view note that they system will still book a block in its specific dates even if the view is less clear.

  • Greyed out areas on a learner's schedule indicate that the learner is scheduled into another program's rotation schedule (e.g., for a learner that is enrolled in two programs). The rotation code will be displayed (includes course and rotation shortname) but a program coordinator can't edit a booking outside their own program (they can book the learner into another slot in the same block). Additionally, a program coordinator cannot delete a slot that already has booked learners in it.

  • Off service rotations you've booked a learner into will display in grey and show the rotation shortname.

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