Rotation Schedules

You will need to build a rotation schedule before you can build rotations. A rotation schedule acts as a container to hold multiple rotations if necessary. In the example below the Rotation Schedule is "Surgery" and the rotations are obstetrics, ENT, GI, and MSK.

How to create a draft rotation schedule

  • Navigate to Admin > Clinical Experiences.

  • Click the 'Rotation Schedule' tab under the filter card.

  • Click 'New Draft'.

  • Select a curriculum period.

    • The cperiod selected will define the block structures available for rotations created for this rotation schedule.

  • Select one or more courses

    • Note that the courses available to select will be those that have an enrolment for the selected curriculum period.

  • Provide a title (e.g., Neurology Class of 2020) and click 'Confirm'.

  • You will return to the list of rotation schedules and should see your newly created schedule on the list in Draft status. Note that a Courses column displays which course(s) a rotation schedule is affiliated with.

Your next step is to add rotations to this rotation schedule.

Remember to return to this screen later to publish the rotation schedule so that its contents become visible to learners. You might do this after a lottery has run or after all courses have set their schedules.

How to add author permissions to a rotation schedule

A schedule can have multiple authors added to it to give other uses permission to access rotations within that schedule. Note that program coordinators affiliated with a course/program through a course setup page will automatically have access to the schedules affiliated with their program.

  • Navigate to Admin > Clinical Experiences.

  • Click the 'Rotation Schedule' tab under the Clinical Experiences heading.

  • Click on the title of a schedule.

  • Click the pencil icon beside the schedule name to open the edit screen.

  • Existing authors will show as blue under the authors list.

  • Click the down arrow to open a search field and begin to type a user name.

  • Click on the name, or click enter when the name is highlighted, to add the name to the author's list.

  • Click 'Save' when you've added all the required names.

You can add author permissions to a rotation schedule, but not an individual rotation.

How to publish a rotation schedule

  • After you have added slots and/or booked learners into slots, return to the main list of rotation schedules.

  • Click the checkbox beside a draft which will cause a publish button to display in the lower right hand corner.

  • Click 'Publish' and then confirm your action by clicking 'Publish' again in the confirmation window.

Note that you can continue to edit rotations and bookings within a rotation schedule even after it has been published.

How to edit an existing rotation schedule (Published or Draft)

  • Click on the name of the schedule.

  • Click on the pencil icon beside the schedule name.

  • Edit the information as required.

  • Click 'Save'.

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