Learner View of Rotation Schedule

  • Learners can access their Rotation Schedule from their dashboard by clicking on the 'My Rotation Schedule' tab.

  • If a learner is booked into overlapping slots, their rotations will stack on top of each other (e.g. obstetrics and psychiatry below).

  • If a site is assigned to the booking, the learner will see the site code displayed beside the rotation name.

Learner View of Granular Clinical Events

Having the learner manage their attendance through their granular clinical events schedule is a setting option in Elentra and is disabled by default. If you'd like to have learners use this feature please make sure that a developer has enabled 'clinical_event_approval_enabled' in the settings table.

  • If learners have been scheduled into granular clinical events, they can view them from the Dashboard by clicking on the 'My Event Calendar' tab. Learners can view their calendar by day, week, or month and can use the date selector to easily move to a specific date.

  • Clinical events are shown with the first aid kit icon beside the event time.

  • The learner will be able to click on each granular clinical event where a pop up appears with the date and time, location and preceptors associated with the event. The learner can confirm or approve a scheduled clinical event in this pop up.

  • The learner will also be able to log an encounter directly from this pop up. (They must first confirm their attendance.)

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