Granular Clinical Scheduling

Granular Clinical Scheduling allows users to capture the variability in a learner's schedule during a rotation. Administrative users can better manage specific clinical events that occur for short periods of time, enforce occupancy limits and accommodate call schedules.

Clinical events can have a site and preceptor defined for them and can be created to occur repeatedly as needed. When a granular clinical event is created, it will display on a learner's individual calendar. From their calendar learners have the ability to alter or confirm their attendance at the event, and access their log book.

Allowing learners to accept, reject or modify a scheduled granular clinical event is controlled via a database setting and is enabled by default (setting = clinical_event_approval_enabled). To change this setting, please speak to a developer.

Please note that you must have rotations built and learners scheduled into rotations before you can schedule a learner into a clinical event.

How to manage granular clinical events in a rotation

  • Navigate to Admin > Clinical Experience and optionally filter by curriculum period and course.

  • Click on 'Rotation Schedule'.

  • Click on a rotation schedule (published or draft).

  • You will land on the Learners tab. Note that you can optionally filter learners by Curriculum Track on this page.

  • Learners should already be booked into rotation slots before you schedule clinical events.

  • Click on an existing booking.

  • Click 'Schedule'.

  • You will land on the Clinical Events tab. A calendar interface is used to book a clinical event. Pre-existing learning events will appear in grey to show when learners are unavailable.

  • To book a clinical event, click anywhere on the calendar where the learner is free. Clinical events can be as short as 30 minutes.

  • On the Book Clinical Event card, provide the clinical event details including duration, recurring event behaviour, description, the site, preceptors and attendees. Attendees can be other learners that are already scheduled in the rotation so you can add multiple learners at once without having to edit each individual learner's schedule.

  • Save and complete by clicking 'Book Clinical Event'.

  • You will return to the Clinical Events tab and the newly scheduled event should display on the learner's calendar.

  • To add more clinical events to a learner's schedule, repeat this process.

  • You can edit or delete a clinical event by clicking on it to open it, making the necessary changes, and confirming your actions.

  • You can view all clinical events scheduled in a rotation by clicking a rotation. The clinical events will display in a list (see below).

How learners see their granular clinical events schedule

  • Learners have access to their rotation schedule from the Dashboard by clicking on the 'My Event Calendar' tab.

  • From this tab, a learner will be able to filter the calendar view for the day, week, or month.

  • The learner will be able to click on each granular clinical event where a pop up appears with the date and time, location and preceptors associated with the event. The learner can confirm or approve a scheduled clinical event in this pop up.

  • The learner will also be able to log an encounter directly from this pop up. (They must first confirm their attendance.)

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