Booking Learners into Slots

How to assign learners to rotations by booking learners into slots

  • Click on the name of a schedule. Note that Staff:Pcoor users will only have access to their affiliated programs.

  • Mouse over the block where you want to book a learner and click.

  • The system will identify all available rotations and slots with start dates in the block you clicked on. When you complete a booking the resulting card will fill the exact dates of the slot within the associated blocks.

  • Select a rotation from the drop down menu. Note that any off service rotations available to the learner will be displayed at the bottom of the list.

  • Indicate a block span if you wish to book the learner in multiple consecutive blocks.

  • Select a block from the dropdown menu. If you indicated a block span, additional blocks will automatically be displayed.

  • Select a slot (on service or off service) for each slot.

  • You may customize the dates for a slot booking if needed, which will impact the display of the rotation in both the admin view and learner view of the rotation schedule. Click the checkbox and adjust the start and end dates for the slot.

  • Add a site or preceptor for the slot as needed.

  • Click 'Save'.

  • You can add a learner to multiple slots within a block. To do so, click anywhere on booking and then click '+ New Booking'.

Please note that distributions set to deliver tasks based on your rotation schedule will not respect the custom dates that you identify for the slot; instead, they will refer to the start and end dates of the block that you first selected. Therefore, custom dates may be most useful if you only need to extend or shorten a rotation by just a few days. Elentra ME 1.18.2 has been updated so that custom bookings are now respected in the distribution engine and tasks will send at the appropriate time.

How to book learners into rotations using a csv

You can import a csv to assign learners to a rotation, however the system can only support adding learners to one rotation per block, and will automatically assign them to the longest block length possible. Additionally, up to and including ME 1.17 this csv import can only support learners and rotations but not sites or preceptors.

  • Navigate to Admin > Clinical Experience.

  • Filter by course or cohort as needed.

  • Click on Rotation Schedule.

  • Click on the title of an existing rotation schedule.

  • You will land on the Learners tab. Stay on that tab and click 'Export CSV' on the right hand side. This will generate a csv file populated with institutional number, learner first and last name, and the block dates for the curriculum period.

  • Complete the csv by adding the rotation shortnames/codes in each applicable cell. Remember, you can only upload learners to the longest provided block structure.

  • Click 'Import CSV'.

  • Click 'Import CSV' again and select your file.

  • Click 'Next.'

  • You will be prompted to confirm your next steps - either replace the existing schedule, or merge your file with the existing schedule. Make your choice and click 'Next'.

  • You will see a schedule preview. Review it.

  • Click 'Import Schedule'.

  • You will see the relevant rotations display for each learner.

  • Remember that learners are now scheduled into a generic slot for the rotation. If you need to define a site, preceptor, etc. you can now do so.

How to edit an assigned slot

  • Click anywhere on a filled booking to reopen it.

  • Click 'Edit' in the bottom right corner.

  • Make changes as necessary on the Edit Booking card and then click 'Save.'

Please note that there is a database setting to optionally allow program coordinators associated with courses to delete slots that have off-service learners in the and make changes to the slot spaces (setting: allow_program_coordinator_manage_booked_slots). This setting is enabled by default. If you wish to prevent program coordinators from being able to do these things you should speak to a developer about changing the setting.

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