Editing or Deleting an Option Rotation

Modifying Existing Option Rotations

Editing an Option Rotation

As you progress through building your Options, the option rotations you've added will appear as coloured cells in their respective Option's row. If you need to modify an individual option rotation, simply click on its coloured block in the timeline, and a context menu popover will be displayed, showing additional information about the rotation and some action buttons.

Clicking the Edit action button will open a form very similar to the one used to add a new option rotation, that will allow you to modify the chosen option rotation. You will be unable to Filter by Block, however all other controls are enabled, allowing you to change to a different rotation or block by length.

In the context menu popover that appears when a cell is clicked, there is also an Add Rotation button that is useful if you need to add multiple rotations that share the same time frame.

Clicking this button will display the Adding Rotation form. Any cells that occupy the same space in the timeline will be stacked, dividing and sharing the height of their row.

Deleting an Option Rotation

Much like the process for editing an option rotation, to delete one you must first open the context menu popover by clicking on the option rotation you would like to remove. When the popover is displayed, select the Delete button. A confirmation dialogue will be displayed, asking you to confirm your decision. Click Cancel to back out of the action, or Confirm to proceed with deletion.

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