Adding an Option Rotation


After creating and scheduling a Stage, your primary task is to create Options before the stage opens, so that Learners will have a variety of choices to rank by preference once it does. On any Stage Card that has not opened yet, there will be a Manage Options button, which you can click to arrive at the Options Overview.

From there, you should click the Add Option button to create your first Option, which will appear below, in an interface that looks and behaves similarly to Elentra’s rotation scheduler.

The Options Builder

In this Options Builder interface, each row represents a separate Option, and the right column of the interface represents a timeline of the curriculum period divided visually as Blocks.

Rotation blocks are added by administrators to each Option, along their respective linear rows in the timeline, thereby creating different sequences of rotation blocks for each Option. Once this process is complete and the Stage reaches its opening date, Learners will be able to login and view the list of Options, and rank them in their order of preference.

Opening the Adding Rotations Form

Clicking anywhere in the schedule portion of the Options Builder will open up a form below, that can be used to select which rotation and block should be added to the Option. The location where you click does matter, so make sure to click into the row corresponding to the Option where you would like to add the rotation.

Also take note of the grid divisions. As you hover over the schedule, it will highlight the hovered Block in light blue to let you know the timeframe or range where you would be adding the rotation, however this is also customizable in the form once it has been opened.

Adding Option Rotations

The form for Adding Rotations consists of a list of all available blocks, and above that, three dropdown selectors which are used to filter that list.

The first filter is Filter by Block, which will change the highlighted block in the schedule’s timeline showing you the start and end range of the Block. If you’ve clicked into the wrong Block in the horizontal timeline, you can change that with this filter.

The second filter is Filter by Length, which allows you to limit the rotation blocks you can choose from by their length (typically 1, 2, or 4 Weeks in length). The third and final filter is Filter by Rotation, which can be a very helpful starting point if you know the exact type of rotation but want to see the timing options available. As you modify and combine of these filters, the list below will adjust accordingly. Each Block for a Rotation is represented as a radio button row. If you click on one of these, it will become selected and a visual representation of the block’s timing and length will appear in the schedule timeline. You can click through as many of the rotation blocks as you like to see how they correspond to the the timeline and any other existing rotations.

Once you are satisfied with your choice, click the Confirm button on the form to lock it into the Option. You'll need to repeat this process for each Option, so that ideally that the Learner audience logs in they will have a good variety of choices to rank.

As you are building the Options, please note that if you find you have added a rotation block, but need to modify it at a later date, you can also Edit or Delete existing rotation entries in the builder.

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