Managing Options

Options Overview

The Options Overview is reached by clicking the Manage Options button in the footer of a Stage Card. It is a focused view that displays a schedule-based interface for building the options that learners will eventually be ranking in order of preference.

A simplified version of the current lottery card appears at the top of the page, and just above that is a Lotteries link with a backwards-facing chevron button, which when clicked will return the administrator back to the Lotteries Overview. Similarly, below the simplified lottery card is a simplified stage card representing the focused stage, and a chevron button and Stages link to return the admin to the Stages Overview.

Managing / Viewing Options

Managing Options

The core of the Managing Options interface is the option builder. Each row of the builder corresponds to one Option. Clicking any blank entry in the option row will open the form for Adding a Rotation, while clicking on an existing rotation in the row will display information about that rotation, and prompt the administrator to either Edit or Delete the rotation, if necessary.

Above the option builder on the right side, there is a button to Add Option rows to the builder. Each option also has a checkbox in the left-most column, and checking one or more of these inputs enables the action buttons below, which can be used to Delete or Duplicate the selected item(s).

Note: When more than one option is checked, only the Delete action will be enabled. Duplication may only be initiated on one checked option at a time.

Viewing Options

While the Options Overview is designed to allow administrators to build and customize options for learners to rank, there are certain scenarios where modifying the options would cause undesired behaviour. For this reason, when viewing the Options Overview, certain stage statuses will cause the overview to be rendered in a read-only, non-modifiable state. One such case where this occurs is when the stage is open to learners, to prevent the options from changing while they are in the process of being ranked by the learners.

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