Learner Ranking

The 'My Lotteries' Dashboard

When a Learner clicks into their Lotteries dashboard, they will arrive at the My Lotteries page. This page displays a list of all Lotteries that the Learner is a part of, presented as a stacked list of cards. This list of Lotteries can be narrowed down using the Search Lotteries and Filter Lotteries input fields, and each lottery's card contains the following information:

  • The title and creation date of the Lottery, as set by the administrator.

  • A helpful contextual alert stating the Lottery's status and timing information.

  • An Open action button, that navigates to the Ranking Interface for that Lottery.

If a Lottery will be open in the future, a message is displayed indicating the date and time the Lottery will be opened for Learner input.

If a Lottery has closed and is no longer open to Learners, a message is displayed stating the date and time when the Lottery closed.

If a Lottery is currently open, a message is displayed stating the date and time at which the Lottery will close, and the Open button will be enabled, allowing the Learner to click it and begin ranking their Options by preference, using the Ranking Interface.

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