Configure Curriculum Tags to be Loggable

To make curriculum tags available as loggable you must flag them as such in Manage Curriculum. If a tag is not set as loggable you will still be able to assign it to a course, but it will not be visible under the course Logbook tab. You must be a user with administrative role permissions to manage curriculum tags.

In addition to making curriculum tags loggable, you may wish to consider how you store lists of curriculum tags you expect learners to log. How tags are stored in tag sets will impact both how administrators configure logbook requirements for a course and how learners view their logbook requirements.

Building Curriculum Tag Sets for Logbook

Tags stored in a hierarchy

In the example below the curriculum tag set has three levels. The first level stores a course name, the second includes Procedures and Encounters (as headings) and the third are the loggable tags.

  • Using a structure like the above, subset of tags (i.e., Procedures and Encounters) can be assigned to a course. If your hierarchy has multiple levels you should assign the second last level hierarchy to the course (e.g., if you have level 1, 2, 3, and 4, assign level 3 to the course and all tags in level 4 will be applied to the logbook).

  • Administrators can optionally set requirements for all tags within the group at once. (They can further customize each tag as needed.)

  • Learners will see overall progress for a group of tags and can open each to view details for each tag.

One thing to consider if you store curriculum tags in course specific hierarchical lists is that you may end up with duplicated tags stored for different courses. This may impact reporting you wish to do since learners will have logged entries to different tags even though they represent the same thing (e.g. if hypertension were a tag a subset for a pediatrics and listed again for cardiology).

Because of this some organizations prefer to store their tags in a flat list so that their reporting can be cleaner.

Tags stored as a flat list

In the example below the tag set has one level, in other words it's a flat list.

  • Each tag will be assigned to a course individually.

  • Administrators will set the requirements for each tag individually.

  • Learners will see a list of all tags when they view their logbook requirements and will have to click in to each to see specific requirements.

Setting Tags as Loggable

To set an entire tag set as loggable

  • Navigate to Admin > Manage Curriculum.

  • Click 'Curriculum Tags' from the Manage Curriculum card on the left sidebar.

  • Click the checkbox beside the appropriate curriculum tag set.

  • Click 'Make all loggable' below the list of tag set titles.

  • To set all tags within a tag set as not loggable, click 'Make all unloggable'.

To set specific tags within a set as loggable

If you wish to specify that certain curriculum tags within a tag set are loggable and others aren't, you must individually set each tag as loggable.

  1. Navigate to Admin>Manage Curriculum.

  2. Click 'Curriculum Tags' from the Manage Curriculum card on the left sidebar.

  3. Click on the appropriate curriculum tag set.

  4. In list view, hover over a curriculum tag and click the pencil icon to edit the tag. In table view, click the pencil icon to edit the tag.

  5. Click the checkbox beside "This curriculum tag should be loggable in the Experience Logbook."

  6. Click 'Save'.

Tags set as loggable will be available to any course to which they are assigned as course objectives.

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