Promoting Learners Through Stages

To promote a learner to a new stage, log in as a Competence Committee member, and click on the Assessment and Evaluation badge at the top of the page (beside the green logout button).

  • Select the 'My Learners' tab and then click on the CBME Dashboard tab of the learner you want to promote.

  • On the right hand side of each row you'll see a small grey circle; click on the circle to open a dialogue box where you can enter text and mark an EPA or stage as complete.

  • You can also click 'View History' in the dialogue box and see any previous comments or decisions regarding learner promotion (or demotion).

Note that there is a database setting you can enable to allow course directors and program coordinators to manage stages (settings: allow_course_director_manage_stage and allow_program_coordinator_manage_stage). Both these settings are off by default and need to be enabled by a developer if you want to use them.

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