Pinning Forms, Items and Comments

Learners or faculty can pin assessments or individual comments to keep them easily accessible for review during meetings. This can help to keep an important piece of feedback or other information front and centre until it has been discussed.

How to pin something

To pin an assessment, simply click on the pushpin icon that appears to the right of the assessment title and details. You'll get a success message that you've pinned the item. In the example to the left, the second and third assessments have been pinned.

To pin a comment, click on the Comments tab from the CBME Dashboard and then click the pushpin beside the desired comment. In the example to the left, the second comment has been pinned.

Viewing Pinned Items

From the CBME Dashboard, click on Pins at the end of the tabs menu. This will open a screen showing all pinned items. To unpin something, just click the pushpin. You'll see a success message that you've unpinned the item.

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