Meeting Logs

Faculty and program administrators can log meetings to maintain a record of conversations about learner progress. Users must be on a learner's CBME dashboard to access the Log Meeting button.

Logging Meetings

To enter a record, click the Log Meeting button. Click Log New Meeting. Provide a date, enter any comments and click Create Meeting. The author is automatically recorded.

Logged meetings can have files uploaded to them, be edited or be deleted using the tools in the Actions column. A program admin., academic advisor or competence committee member can create or add to any entry they have made (but not those made by other users).

Meeting logs are accessible to faculty and learners, however, only faculty and PAs can add and edit meeting information.

Learner Access to Meeting Logs

Learners have quick access to view their own meeting logs from the CBME dashboard My Meetings button.

Learners can view meeting comments and download existing files but cannot log meetings or upload materials.

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